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About the Company
TutorsUnited, a national tutoring service provider, launched by three young innovative AUB students in 2011 originally to help their colleagues alleviate this initial overwhelming experience, and cope with AUBís challenging environment.
Yet this company grew in a short time to become one of the first private tutoring companies in the country, and hopefully in the region, that provides secure professional tutoring to all age groups in a wide variety of subjects and fields.
From Kindergarten all the way through University, our dedicated team of tutors aspire to provide the best tutoring service in the Middle East. For this purpose we created a mix between traditional tutoring and therapy education that would help improve the students learning and academic management skills.
We also improved the efficiency of private tutoring by first, diagnosing the studentís weaknesses and then devising a full academic plan, specifically tailored to fit the studentís needs. We also ensured the involvement of parents through our online system that can help the parents keep track of their sonís improvement.
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